On the failure of identity

Last week, I had the great pleasure of attending a master class tutorial on potentialism, a part of a two-day event with Joel David Hamkins dedicated to the decennial anniversary of his multiverse theory held at the University of Konstanz. One of the topics discussed was a situation where one or more individuals cease to […]

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Modal theory of the category of sets

This was a talk for the Junior Logic Seminar at the University of Oxford, 7th of June 2022. Abstract. I shall investigate the modal theories and validities in a variety of cases arising from the archetypical concrete category of sets and functions. I introduce new insights into the method of control statements, answering a MathOverflow […]

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The Mathematical Multiverse

I shall speak about some recent developments on the subject of modal model theory for the Junior Logic Seminar at the University of Oxford. The talk, titled The Mathematical Multiverse, will take place at the Mathematical Institute on November 16, 2021 at 5PM UK time. Please contact Brian Tyrrell should you like to join us. […]

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Modal model theory

This blog post from August 2019 now includes an update with regard to a result that is now revoked. Research has its ups and downs… I would like to share with you a brief description of what I have been doing at Oxford for the past eight months. Since my adviser has already written about […]

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University of Oxford

I shall take up a place as a Recognised Student in the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Oxford starting 7th January 2019. I shall be undertaking research on the topic of “the philosophical consequences of recent advancements in ‘Multiverse inspired mathematics.” My academic adviser will be Professor Joel David Hamkins. I anticipate this […]

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